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Zinvest Fee Schedule

Zinvest Financial does not charge a management fee ortrading fee for basic portfolio management programs and client self-directedinvestments.

Management Fee: 0

Trading Fee: 0

There are circumstances in which third party regulatoragencies, clearing firm or banks will charge a transaction-based fee. Pleasereview the schedule below for more information. Zinvest Financial does notprofit from or receive any portion of fees charged by the third parties.

Fees charged by third parties:

Pass-through Trading Fee

Items By whom
SEC Transaction Fee
Pass Through
FINRA Trading Activity Fee Pass Through
Market Venue Charges Pass Through
Clearing Fee Pass Through


Pass-through Transfers

Items Charges
Bank Transfer (ACH) Deposits and withdrawals up to $50,000
Returned Checks/ACH/Wires and Recalls/Wire Amendment $30 per item
Wire Transfer (Domestic) $30 per wire
Wire Transfer (International) $50 per wire
Account Transfer (Incoming) 0
Account Transfer (Outgoing, ACAT Only) $75


Pass-through Miscellaneous

Items Charges
Print and Mail (Confirms, Statements, Tax Reports)
$5 per item
Electronic Statement and Confirms $0


  • All fees in the table above aresubject to change without notice as per our clearing partner, Velox Clearing.
  • Additional wire transfer feescharged by any originating, intermediary, or recipient bank may apply.
  • Both incoming and outgoing wiretransfer reversals are subject to wire transfer reversal fees. Additional wiretransfer reversal fees charged by any originating, intermediary, or recipientbank may apply.
  • Processing and service feesassessed by third parties may be passed through to the customer’s account. Someproducts and services may require additional fees or transaction minimums notspecifically listed above. Prior to placing a trade or requesting any service,it is the customer’s responsibility to ask Zinvest Financial if any additionalfees will apply.
  • Zinvest Financial reserves theright to change or modify the fee schedule at own discretion.